2008-01-25 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • God damnit I HATE plagiarists!!! http://tinyurl.com/2ye9af #
  • @duncanriley LOL, I am speachless… I just thought I would share that… 😉 #
  • Video of the Monte Carlo fire in Vegas http://video.nbc11.com/player/?id=209573 #
  • QDOS will take North America by Storm http://tinyurl.com/yphh3k #
  • @NewspaperGrl Darn you and your ‘mmmm’ crab – lucky bugger. My Twitter browser pane is a mess because the "mmm" text won’t wrap! #
  • I am sooo happy with my new fancy-dancy keyboard tray with articulating arm… I am totally geeking out! WOOOHOOOO! #
  • Sorry, I guess I get a little nutty on Fridays. #

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