2008-01-29 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • OY my body hurts from sitting… damn computers will be the death of me. #
  • @chiropractic LOL I don’t know what I clicked on the first time but I didn’t come to his page… honestly!! ROFL #
  • @chiropractic It would make more sense if it were Tweet – ignore the bad spellers 😉 #
  • Finally added my Twitter profile to the PBWiki, thanks @chiropractic for the tip: http://twitterpacks.pbwiki.com/ #
  • @rustybrick Congratulations Barry that is an amazing achievement for a first time conference. Wicked. #
  • What is the best spyware cleaner? My brother has a auto IM virus/spyware thing and I need to help him clean it. #
  • GEO-targeting headaches with Yahoo… have you run into these problems before? They were an eye opener for us http://tinyurl.com/ytd8tr #
  • Care to sound off on the proper way to credit an article when someone reprints it? http://tinyurl.com/2ye9af #
  • @NewspaperGrl LOL thanks 🙂 It was like a double-entendre… yummy crab and broken twitter 😉 #
  • Nice article on using SEO for reputation management by William Leake http://tinyurl.com/yqpn7p #

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