2008-02-07 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • Just creating the StepForth newsletter for tomorrow morning delivery. Our new social media guy, Andrew Clough is featured. #
  • Heh, I should say his article is featured LOL #
  • Oh well it turns out the newsletter is not going out on time. Damn. Friday morning again I guess – sigh. #
  • @pratt Just responded. I hope I helped #
  • Just finished burgers at Red Robin now Starbucks and then a video with my honey. Ahh the simple pleasures, life is good. #
  • I am about to start my interview on WebMasterRadio.fm #
  • LIVE in 30 seconds #
  • Here goes nothing #
  • My article on competitor analysis on webpronews: http://tinyurl.com/2ssemd #
  • Does anyone know a better research tool than Adgooroo? I am pretty impressed with it but I would value any other suggestions. #
  • A great new article on "The Sociology of Social Media" http://tinyurl.com/35psqk by Andrew Clough #
  • Andrew Clough is going to bring a different view to social media at StepForth by using his education in sociology, should be interesting. #
  • How to avoid an SEO horror story on your site http://youtube.com/watch?v=nUsmxXWIfu4, my video interview with Ralph Wilson. #
  • Damn I am happy to see a successful shuttle launch again… I think space travel is so amazing http://tinyurl.com/ytw6rc #
  • If you haven’t picked it up yet Costco has an unbelievable $25 deal for "From Earth to the Moon" a 6 or 8 DVD show by Tom Hanks. Awesome! #
  • @JenniferLaycock LOL we can trade, I still haven’t got that set! #
  • @JenniferLaycock ReallY? Sweet. I will have to see if there are similar sales on now … somewhere. #
  • 5 year old boy finds local bank unlocked and walks in… haha http://tinyurl.com/34ug8e #

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