2008-02-21 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • SEOMantics.com – it is so wrong to republish an article & nofollow all links including the author credit. VERY LC http://tinyurl.com/2jbv4o #
  • Not feeling up to snuff today… should have followed through on my intention to work out… now I feel like crapola #
  • @steverubel Hi Steve, can I ask how having a virtual assistant has been to date? Email me if you wish ross at stepforth dot com. Thanks!! #
  • Ask has highest growth rate says comScore study http://tinyurl.com/2srnjo #
  • Robo attack helicopter… here comes terminator http://tinyurl.com/29ewt5 #
  • One massive botnet ring down, 50 mm to go http://tinyurl.com/2t9fme #
  • OMG my uber geek Linux friend LOVES VISTA!?! What the hell? Maybe there is hope for it after all. He says with tweaks it is actually good. #
  • Well I took the leap… I just ordered a tricked out Dell m1330… I did lots of homework and there is no doubting it is a good one. #
  • @KeriMorgret ROFL I know, and he never ever says stuff like that. Maybe he got a install that actually works. Hmm #
  • Hmm this Windows Live SkyDrive is kind of cool http://skydrive.live.com/. I wonder if they will pair it with FolderShare another MS property #
  • @zenaweist I am 31, 32 in March – time flies 😉 #
  • @seocracy Could you lose 20 of mine? That would be just dandy. #
  • Twitterers, how old are you? Tell @zenaweist (if you don’t follow her) w/ your age, she will post avg age/# of responders tonight. #
  • Just talking with Jim Hedger, he is trying to woo me over to New York SES and the big Rainbow Room bash. I wish I could be there, who knows #
  • We both agree that SMX West has a lot of pressure to be one hell of an event. Here’s hoping it is a chart topper cause I will at that one #
  • Oy I get so frustrated when I see a job not done the way I would have done it… common sense seems elusive at times for people… #

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