2008-03-06 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • @chiropractic LOL very, hehe #
  • @doshdosh ROFL Bill Hicks rules, great comedy routine – retweet http://tinyurl.com/pndyy #
  • Garbage!!! Bloody UPS just "rescheduled" my new laptop delivery for another 7 days. That will be 21 days from Texas… unfriggin believable #
  • @tamar Hey cool! Where are you headed Tamar? #
  • This register article on hacking Google is "interesting" http://tinyurl.com/342w68 #
  • I can’t wait. I get to hear my baby’s heartbeat again today… only 95 more days till theoretical ‘birth day’ #
  • Hehe, thanks @jenniferlaycock for the link to that "reputation management" article hehe hilarious http://tinyurl.com/yusgeu #
  • @DavidWallace I am sorry, I know you want to unfollow me quietly… 🙁 #
  • ROFL #
  • @chiropractic You are a mean mean man. That photo is such a tease. You owe me a Guiness for that 😉 http://tinyurl.com/2c9blw #
  • @chiropractic Just the same it is now my desktop LOL #
  • @chriswinfield A little of both with a lil touch of pity. That much money would go to a 23yr old’s head. Tough lessons will be had. #
  • @chiropractic Sweet! Are you including airfare and an adjustment? 🙂 #
  • If you don’t follow @rustybrick (aka Barry Schwartz) you are missing some seriously great info. Barry is always on the pulse of the net. #
  • @rustybrick LOL I thought I had the right idea. #

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