2008-04-11 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • Working on Basecamp. What a great tool for coordinating with offsite staff. Love it. #
  • Hello to all of my new friendly followers, thanks for the follow! I will make an effort to be more useful on Twitter again… life is busy. #
  • @chiropractic If you find a good transcriber pls let me know! I haven’t had time to do any hunting of my own but I could use one 🙂 #
  • For those of my friends who don’t know already Google is indexing forms now. Very surprising. My quick post http://tinyurl.com/6csv3g #
  • @andybeal Hey Andy, just looked at that Quality Score link. Did you know your form at the bottom overlaps your ads in FF? Just FYI #
  • @andybeal Yuppers #
  • @JenniferLaycock LOL Wonder Pets… life is sure going to get interesting with a little child around isn’t it? #
  • @andybeal Hmm mine isn’t enabled. Perhaps I did once though and this is just an after effect. Anyway, glad you have it under control. Cheers #
  • @andybeal Aha! By jobe you’ve got it! All is well again 🙂 #
  • OMG I think our weather people are on crack. Supposed to jump from 55 to 65 or 70 tomorrow then back down to 55 on Sunday. Weird weather! #
  • @JasonFalls There is nothing wrong Canadian propaganda eh. Us Canucks are proud of this here country! @davefleet I salute you! and follow u! #
  • @davefleet Hey man! #
  • Matt Cutts pips in on Google spidering forms http://tinyurl.com/5pgq2m #
  • I am pumped that Firefox’s mobile browser is finally released… in alpha but still available and 5x’s faster http://tinyurl.com/65vwk2 #
  • The Genesis for a Successful Online Marketing Campaign http://tinyurl.com/6kk3js #
  • Woman jailed after stabbing her husband over a hot dog… OMG this world! http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7010553537 #
  • ROFL that is the fatest cat I have EVER seen http://tinyurl.com/6coj7s #
  • Hey @matt_mcgowan good to see you on Twitter. I am following you and expect a lot 😛 #

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