2008-04-23 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • @micromedia2 This is a shameless plug for StepForth Web Marketing’s (www.stepforth.com) top drawer SEO, PPC and competitor analysis services #
  • LOL that was so shameless 😉 #
  • @oilman @mdsimmonds Yes those 2010 olympic mascots are the most rediculous I have ever seen. What made them think… yes peekachu style, yes #
  • How to Optimize for Google – Part 3 of 3 has officially been posted at StepForth’s SEO Blog http://tinyurl.com/5pyom3 #
  • WOW the StepForth SEO Blog is at 973 posts… close to our 1000 post party… yup just decided drinking is in order at that point 😉 #
  • The SEO blog http://news.stepforth.com/blog/ would be a lot more thatn 973 posts if we were more active… guess it is time to crank! #
  • DM @EricLander … mktg org? do tell! 🙂 #

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