2008-07-16 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • @ijustine LOL I love voices like that… for about 2 min max… then they are annoying 🙂 #
  • @ericlander Okay I am jealous… about the Sam Adams tho the pricks… not so much. Enjoy pal! #
  • I am pleased I got my print article off to the publisher and all of my adverts done for a marketing campaign. Now back to contracts. #
  • I see new ideas for services daily it seems… automatic screening of resumes.. pretty cool. #
  • Going through my masses of SPAM that were caught in Postini… very very few false positives… I love that app! #
  • HAHA I love this SPAM title: “Ninja attack in New York Times Square” LOL! #
  • All this chatter about iPhones and although they are pretty cool I would take my TyTN 2 over one anyday. #
  • Trying to clear a cluttered desk… always seems to free up my mind when my desk is cleaned up. #
  • Arrrgh it cheeses me off that Microsoft charges money to change a friggin gamertag on the 360. Unbelievably poor move on their part. #

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