2009-02-02 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • I along with most of North America (good guess I expect) just ate way too much food while watching the game. OMG… roll me home pls. #
  • My fav: Coca Cola superbowl “Heist” commercial in decent resolution http://tinyurl.com/c52owp #
  • I am a bit nervous. The first radio show Jennifer Evans Laycock & I did called SEO 101 features in 12 min http://tinyurl.com/cvbo9d #
  • Totally wigging me out hearing my voice on http://www.webmasterradio.fm. Part of me thinks it is cool but this is going to take getting used to! #
  • Lesson learned…. must breathe and slow down when speaking on the radio. Guess I was more nervous than I thought 😉 #
  • Brasco rocks! He blended an oops with perfection in our show. Thank goodness! LOL #

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