2009-02-03 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • Scoopt.com announced just 3 hours ago that it is shutting down. The Getty Images company is yet another casualty of the economy. #
  • The scoop on Scoopt’s shutdown today. Sorry but I hosted the letter on my crappy personal site: http://tinyurl.com/bszzur #
  • Feeling good! Helped two people so far today… passed on a parking pass to someone just before they bought one &… #
  • … helped find a small part of a guy’s cell phone that fell off in the local starbucks. Didn’t look for the opportunities… but still fun #
  • Off from Starbucks to see what else falls into my lap today. Hopefully some good news or more great energy. #
  • Hey what’ya know, I am back at another Starbucks 🙂
    Time to get some work done tho… #
  • I don’t know what has gotten into me today. Just bought someone a coffee. Hmm… maybe I am preparing to do something bad? LOL #
  • Pet peeve = McAfee trying to trick me into renewing my service plan for 2 years vs. just 1. 2 yrs is a long time in the online world. #
  • @melanienathan Hi melanie, please feel free to send me your information i fyou are a link builder. We often have more work than reliable ppl #
  • My boy is 7 1/2 months old and stood on his own for like 10 seconds the first time yesterday… he is learning way to fast for my liking. #
  • @melanienathan Great site! I love the imagery. Good to see a fellow Canadian SEO making their mark. Kudos! #
  • Yahoo is paying Canadians with Airmiles to search on its site. Oh my… desperate are we? #
  • Here is the link to the Yahoo airmiles tease http://tinyurl.com/cfq2wd #
  • arrrgh I am being sucked back into Twitter far more than I had wanted to be… way to distracted. But it’s like crack… I mean it is fun #
  • @jquipp Ahh you are sick. That is why we didn’t hook up on the phone at 1 PST. Sorry to hear that pal. Get better soon! #

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