2009-02-06 – Rossco’s Daily Twitter Digest

  • @andybeal Don’t tell me… you are in Hawai’i doing another workshop series? Lucky bum! #
  • My earlier posting is confirmed that Verizon will be offering 2 blackberry’s for the price of 1 starting tomorrow http://tinyurl.com/bk4845 #
  • Oh god DROOL. Sony’s X-Series walkman… made to beat iPod Touch. Looks like it really could: http://tinyurl.com/c9rqgq #
  • Yeesh got a spare $30k to buy the uber-pool table? See it to believe it – http://tinyurl.com/aq5bn9 #
  • @alUrdun I hear ya & since it is Sony you are probably right. But it seems OLED is cheaper – new OQO handheld only 1000 w lrg OLED #
  • @pchaney Ouch! LOL I hope he would never stoop that low. #
  • New impressive OQO has 1,000,000 to1 contrast OLED monitor. And has optional GSM functionality. Only $999 http://tinyurl.com/bn3wpm #
  • @alUrdun Here is a link to the OQO http://tinyurl.com/bn3wpm I was speaking of. Very cool. #
  • @alUrdun Yes Sony is criminal w pricing but I suppose that pays for their admittedly cool R&D successes. I can’t wait for mainstream OLEDs #
  • @andybeal That sounds even better 🙂 And hey if you like Sushi go to Sansei Sushi Bar – best sushi I have had http://tinyurl.com/6dl4yr #
  • @alUrdun Yeah just watched a vid on them… can’t believe they are something like 1cm thick and 40% more energy efficient than LCDs #
  • @andybeal Excellent, now I know you are a man of excellent taste. Sushi is heaven. Well aloha ahiahi ia oukou. (good evening to all of you) #
  • Just finished an article for SEGuide and a post for my StepForth. All will be posted in the morning. Time to work on other stuff now. #
  • I hate it when massive companies have pathetic search options on their website. Especially when their site is based on such functionality #
  • I have so much energy but it all seems to be scattered… I think I need this weekend to chill a little. Heh, probably won’t happen though #
  • @andybeal Congratulations!!! What a phenomenal place to renew your vows. I am all warm and fuzzy thinking about it 🙂 #

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