About Ross Dunn

Hi there, my name is Ross Dunn and well, here is a bit about myself; forgive the point form… I am not sure how to write about me.

  • I was born in Victoria, BC, Canada and I am the 5th generation to grow up in this fine city. In fact, I even went to the same high school that my Grandmother did.
  • I am married to a wonderful, absolutely fantastic woman by the name of Sara Martin whom I met in March 2005 thanks to Lavalife and we have a beautiful boy and a gorgeous little girl.
  • I am the proud owner of StepForth Web Marketing Inc., a web marketing and seo company in Victoria BC specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) that began in 1997.
  • Founder of SocialMediaTips.com and MarketingHigh.com
  • I am the host of SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.FM which airs live around the world every week on WebmasterRadio.FM and has over 50,000 downloads a month in podcast form via iHeartRadio, Stitcher.com, iTunes, and most of the other leading podcast platforms.
  • My hobbies are photography, fishing, hiking, playing with and researching-buying-and-utilizing gadgets, and learning-learning-learning more about the world of the Internet and online marketing.

There you are, just a smidgeon of info on myself. If I think of anything else to add I will try to update this soon.

Cheers, Ross Dunn

Ross Dunn having amazing Thai food in Honolulu's China town.

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