My PixelQi Notion Ink Delayed – But No Hard Feelings

I received an email today that my Notion Ink Adam is delayed. I am definitely dismayed but I can’t fault chance and I appreciate the effort Notion Ink’s team is putting into getting the product to me soon. I am genuinely looking forward to having a unique and ground breaking tablet.

Dear Ross

Greetings from Notion Ink!

We understand that you have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of your Adam. However, we regret to inform you that a fraction of our touch-screens got damaged during transportation due to which your shipment has been effected.

The Chinese New Year holidays that are in the first week of February further add to the delay. However, our touchscreen partner, Sintek, have agreed to work through the holidays and deliver the screens as soon as possible. We are afraid that until we receive these touchscreens, your device would not be ready for shipment.

The estimated date of your shipment would be 14th February 2011 (Buffer included).

In case you need any further assistance, please contact the Notion Ink Support Team at [email protected].

We thank you for your continued patience and co-operation in this matter.

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Support Team

If you don’t know much or perhaps anything about the Adam Tablet you can’t be faulted… it is definitely not a big name brand yet. Here is a review of the Notion Ink Adam from Slash Gear that is bound to give you some understanding of how cool this product is.

May the Fishing be Great Mr. Heppell

I would like to think everyone had one or two favourite teachers they look back fondly upon. Well, in my case Mr. Heppell was definitely one of them and sadly he passed away on January 13th at home with his family by his side. Here is his official obituary: Thomas George “Tom” Heppell.

Mr Heppell was my Grade 4 and 5 teacher at Uplands Elementary School and although he was not a softy by any measure he was very likable and best of all, he was a great teacher. So great, in fact, I still think of the Ten Word List he had us do every week… I hated it at the time but it definitely took my vocabulary to a whole new level.

Here is how the Ten Word List worked (as I foggily remember it) and in retrospect I think the concept is genius:

  1. On Mondays Mr. Heppell would write down 10 words on the chalk board that were complicated enough we would need to look them up in our dictionary to understand them.
  2. On Friday mornings one of two things would happen: either Mr. Heppell would go through the list with the class, asking various students to define the words, OR there would be a pop quiz! The pop quiz consisted of  a random list of words from the Ten Word List (not all ten I don’t think) and we would have to write the answers down.
  3. After we finished the test we would trade papers and mark them, finally handing in the marked papers to Mr. Heppell who would use the marks later as a component of your report card.

The Ten Word List was a huge contributor to the decent vocabulary I have today and I can’t thank him enough for that. Of course, this was only one of many ways Tom Heppell was a great teacher but it always stands out in my mind. Continue reading