Best Price Qi Charger for Nexus 4

An image of a cheap Qi charger for the Nexus 4I got my Nexus 4 the other day and I am totally fascinated with the idea of a wireless charging station which is why it irritated the hell out of me to see the pricing of such technology; $50 and up because of the demand. Well, I came across a beauty of a deal on today! Just $33 with shipping included for a Qi-certified wireless power pad for the Nexus 4It is available on Feb 15th but you can pre-order it now. I did!

Additionally, here are some other non-standard (i.e. not like the most commonly referenced  Duracell Qi Inductive Charger) Qi-charging products I found while doing my research. Some are quite expensive but I don’t see anyone else talking about them so these may be interesting for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd.

I am a bit obsessed with finding a good deal and so far I have just found lots of other options in my search for the aforementioned deal. Anyway, here are a few of other Qi charger options for the Nexus 4:

  1. The most impressive of the lot is the Panasonic Charge Pad QE-TM101-W which looks very cool and has excellent reviews ). I found it for around $50 at Amazon.
  2. The Symfos LED Tasklight which has a Qi charging base for your phone (I saw it as low as $200). It isn’t the cheapest but at least it looks nice and has a good light on it as well.
  3. There are several Chinese manufacturers offering slightly cheaper Nexus 4 compatible Qi-approved power mats for around $50.

There you go, I hope that helps!! If it does please pass this link around!

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  1. Why not consider EMF it’s producing which seems may have some distant or may not so distant health effects. Maybe this way it become less appealing in your eyes? 😉

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