What Shook My Soul – Video and Images from the Japan Earthquake of March 11 2011

The Canadian Red Cross logoMore for myself than anything, this is a list of the videos and images that I found most arresting and frightening in today’s earthquake and following Tsunamis in Japan and its reverberations on North America.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before watching this let it be known I have already donated to the Red Cross in support of the victims of this tragedy; please donate too! I do not wish anyone to think I am making light of this disaster – it is unthinkable.  That said, I am in awe of the power of nature and this footage is incredibly profound to me.

An image of the devastation in Japan


1) The 8.9 Sendai Earthquake Hits

Some of the first video I could find which only alludes to a possible tsunami and rumors of tsunami damage.

2) Footage of the Tsunami Damage Occurring Live Continue reading

Giant Jellyfish Attack Japan

Nomura’s jellyfish (Nemopilema nomurai) is 6 feet wide, weighs 440 pounds and can pack a powerful sting to swimmers. Apparently there are a mass of them, more than ever before, waiting off in the Yellow Sea to be directed by the tides to Japan’s shores.

These massive gelatinous critters  destroy fishnets, poison fish catches (I guess from mass stings and covering the fish) and even threaten nuclear power plants because they clog vital coolant pipelines that suck in cool ocean water.