How to Find the MAC Address on the Lenovo Smart Display

I, among many it seems, became quite frustrated when I discovered the MAC address on my Lenovo Smart Display wasn’t listed anywhere. It isn’t on the unit anywhere, it isn’t found in the Google Home App (now Google Nest app) and according to Lenovo support, it isn’t listed anywhere!

Well, I have a workaround that is going to seem obvious to many, but just the same, it works and I figured it was worth sharing. It is also a mobile-based alternative to a similar solution found here.

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Dell Support Provider’s Acronym is “SOL” – No Really!

I am having some difficulties with my audio on my Dell m1330. As a result, I decided to look into my support options since I haven’t been able to resolve the issue. That is when I came across something so priceless I just had to share it; the service provider handling Dell’s rapid response hardware support is “SOL“.

pic showing Dell's rapid response depot provider is called "SOL"

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