Where is the Improved Gmail Task Manager?

As a Gmail power user I have been waiting for what seems eons for the gang over at Google to implement a comprehensive task management application. Well today they got me excited… for a minute. It turns out Google made some worthwhile changes today to Gmail and since my day had been pretty phenomenal so far I figured this was it! Had Google finally launched a better task app?” Well no, they didn’t. So it seems I just have to hold my breath longer since Dr. Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google) told me improvements for the task manager were on the desk of a few Googlers that he knew of; yes I am a trusting soul. Sigh… more waiting.

What would an improved Gmail task manager look like?

With all of the innovative minds over there at the multiple Google HQ’s I think they could put a very cool and unique spin on task management. Continue reading

Warning – You won’t believe how addictive this is…

Google Image Labeler is profoundly addictive. If you want to try something totally different and new(ish) then give this a try: http://images.google.com/imagelabeler/

Essentially you say “Go” and Google will find a partner for you to play with from somewhere in this fine world. As soon as the person joins you are both given the same image which you have to describe using words. As soon as you both enter the same descriptive word you receive points and are moved onto the next image. What is the catch? You only have one minute and 30 seconds per game. So you have to get as many matches as you can in a minute and a half.

It sounds crazy boring but just you wait!

I hope you don’t hate me for introducing you to this cute little addiction.

Got Google Desktop? No? Get it!

I swear that Google Desktop has to be one of the most useful net apps that I have ever had the pleasure to install. Today Google Desktop turns 4! No not 4 years old but version 4 was just released and it supports 26 friggin languages! Nice work Google!

For those who are not familiar with Google Desktop, well let me give you a quick fill-in.

Google Desktop is kind of like a Google search engine of your own on your computer. When you download it, the software will ask you a few questions and then begin to ‘index’ (search, read and sort) all of the content on your computer. From word files, to pdf, excel, you name it, this software will read it and allow you to search for it.

Worried about security? Well I am no security expert but I can tell you that I am not worried about it because Google Desktop resides entirely on your own machine, it does not send the information that you index to Google. Your information is private. Still unsure? Check out Google’s frequently asked questions on security for Google Desktop.
As usual there are tons of other gadgets and cool things that you can add but I feel the most important capability of Google Desktop is definitely the search capabilities. But, if you do want a little rundown on the other cool stuff click here.

Just imagine,,, you don’t have to search for another document ever again using that painfully inadequate “find” option in Windows. Windows has many crappy holes in it and I can happily say that Google has plugged quite a few with Google Desktop.
The Google Desktop install is quite simple. Just visit http://desktop.google.com/ and following the instructions