Awesome Deal on NEW 4gb Sansa MP3 and Video Player – $149.99

Sansa 4gb MP3I just bought this puppy and I am in love with it. I got it from and picked it up in store at the local outlet. For $149.99 this player is exceptional.

  • 4gb (really 3.8 with main programs loaded)
  • a user replaceable lithium ion battery (a huge advantage – most don’t have this)
  • micro SD expansion slot for additional memory – WOW this is too cool and very rare
  • video at 15fps (not bad actually) – videos longer than 10 min are broken into 10 min segments using the video converter.
  • Windows Media Playlist support
  • and much more

Highly recommended as a TOTAL STEAL!

Pandora’s Box Has Never Looked So Good

Hehe sorry for the title but I just couldn’t resist. Anyway, it really does have something to with Pandora’s box! Really! Anyway, a friend of mine told me about this program which, if you have never tried it then I highly recommend giving it a go. It is essentially a jukebox at where you can specify a single favorite song and the program will find other music within the same ‘style’ as the song you picked and it will play them for you free… forever. Yup, it is free and the beauty of it is that you will be introduced to some new music.

If you don’t like the music, no problem, just go to the browser window that you have open (you have to leave the browser open to keep playing the box) and give the song a ‘thumbs down’. The software will ‘learn’ what you do and don’t like over time. Frankly I can’t believe how accurate it is and I rarely go a day without listening to it.