Anti-Shark Finning – Time to Stop the Slaughter

Ever since I watched the incredible adventure-documentary movie Sharkwater I have been profoundly motivated to do whatever I could to help save sharks. In fact, the very same day I watched the movie I purchased a few domains with the intention of creating at least one website to do my part and raise the awareness of shark finning. Well the day has finally come. The site isn’t perfect by any means yet but you can visit to get regular updates on shark-related news and the fight to ban shark finning world wide. I hope you like it.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and dying to help out please check out the following websites to learn more about what you can do:

Scoopt Announces Shutdown – Getty Images

As a member of Scoopt I received the following message this morning announcing that Scoopt is shutting down.

Dear Scoopt members,

I am sorry to inform you, as a member of Scoopt, that we have decided to close the business.   We will not be taking in any more imagery after February 6, 2009 and will close the upload application.   We will also cease licensing any imagery through Scoopt on that date.

Our experience with Scoopt has taught us some very valuable lessons.  We remain convinced that there is a demand for this kind of material as part of an editorial product, but for the moment are choosing to focus our energies within Getty Images on our core products in news, sport and entertainment.

It has been a pleasure working with Scoopt, your pictures have provided a fascinating snapshot of the circumstances in which you find yourselves and have added valuable viewpoints to the news service we provide our customers on a daily basis.

A holding page will remain until March 6, 2009 but from February 6 we will not be accepting any new imagery and so the upload path will be closed, and the galleries shut down, at which point all rights over the photos revert to you, the copyright holders.

All Scoopt content that also appears on Getty Images will initially be reviewed and any Scoopt member that has photos deemed to have longer term value on Getty Images will be offered a separate contract.  To be clear, on February 6, 2009 all Scoopt content will be taken down from the Getty Images website and only be reposted, once the relevant contractual relationship with individual photographers is in place.

If your material is selected for continued inclusion on Getty Images, you will be contacted directly.   We will be posting some FAQ’s on the website to try to answer any questions you may have, so please do refer to this section.

Please note that we will be retaining your contact details in order to service any outstanding payments that are due and in case there should be need for a further communication update.  If you would like your details removed from the database, please respond to [email protected] with the words Remove Details in the subject line, and citing your Scoopt member ID.

Please use the email [email protected] for all correspondence regarding the closure of  Scoopt

Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support which have made Scoopt such an exciting place to work.

From the team at Scoopt

It is sad to see yet another innovative service shutting down but then again that is the nature of a tough economy – it tends to cleanse the industry of poor performers. Of course, I am making a supposition that the economy forced Getty Images’ hand but I think that is a good bet 😉

Until later.


How to Clean Up Dangerous Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs

Compact Flourescent Lightbulb (CFL)CFLs (the “squigly” lightbulbs) are the latest rage because they save a ton of energy but did you know they have a toxic level of mercury inside them? Nothing that would kill or anything like that – of course – however, there are some important things you should know about cleaning one up should it break. For example… never use a vaccum to clean up leftovers from a breakage on a hard surface! No explanation for “why” is given but I gather the mercury particulate can get dispersed by the vacuum cleaner because the filter can’t catch it – just a guess though. Anyway, don’t do it!!!

For more info that I would rather not copy (to give the site appropriate credit) check out this excellent and incredibly helpful Going Green blog post called “Take Care with CFLs“.

Big thanks to Bill Slawski at SEO by the Sea for giving me the heads up on this.