The Nikon D300s – My Faithful New Shooting Companion

As many who know me know, I have been slobbering over the idea of the Nikon D300 for a very long time; the incessant drool was quite comical – I am sure. Well, when I barely missed getting a used (meticulously cared for) D300 for just $750 I couldn’t stand the loss. It was then that my droolish desire became an obsession!!!

As a result, I used my considerable search skills to hunt and hunt and hunt for bargains while becoming intimately familiar with all of the upsides and downsides of the D300. Well, it didn’t take long before I realized that I could no longer get the D300 new and used versions were simply not a good enough bargain (which further increased my disappointment at my previous loss)… only the newer D300s.

It took some getting used to – that I would have to buy a product that was so new there were practically ZERO price drops anywhere (bare minimums in many cases). I even got close to buying the extremely nice D90… I just couldn’t get past the build quality and the other sweet differences that made the D300s a glory to behold (51 AF points, 7 frames/sec continuous shooting, magnesium-alloy body with “some” weather sealing, dual card slots…) Continue reading

Images of the World Combine

This will undoubtedly stretch the limits of your imagination if you take even a few seconds to contemplate the impact this technology will have on the world as we know it:

Photosynth Technology blows the mind

This is rather old news from the perspective of the Internet but Brayden (StepForth’s new sales associate) sent me a link to this flick and it reminded me that I really needed to share it.

Here is Microsoft’s official site on Photosynth… pretty cool for them to have this technology. Between this and the table screen technology… their future is looking bright.