I am in Love with Rotel and Bowers & Wilkins

For 7 years now (or close to it) I have been the extremely proud owner of Rotel audio equipment and I don’t think I could ever go to another brand. The solidity, quality of sound, relatively low price (around $2000 per unit – not bad in the audiophile market) and the fact that they hold their value well… makes these beauties worth every penny. Continue reading

The Nikon D300s – My Faithful New Shooting Companion

As many who know me know, I have been slobbering over the idea of the Nikon D300 for a very long time; the incessant drool was quite comical – I am sure. Well, when I barely missed getting a used (meticulously cared for) D300 for just $750 I couldn’t stand the loss. It was then that my droolish desire became an obsession!!!

As a result, I used my considerable search skills to hunt and hunt and hunt for bargains while becoming intimately familiar with all of the upsides and downsides of the D300. Well, it didn’t take long before I realized that I could no longer get the D300 new and used versions were simply not a good enough bargain (which further increased my disappointment at my previous loss)… only the newer D300s.

It took some getting used to – that I would have to buy a product that was so new there were practically ZERO price drops anywhere (bare minimums in many cases). I even got close to buying the extremely nice D90… I just couldn’t get past the build quality and the other sweet differences that made the D300s a glory to behold (51 AF points, 7 frames/sec continuous shooting, magnesium-alloy body with “some” weather sealing, dual card slots…) Continue reading

AirStash – A New Frontier of Information Portability and Sharing

The AirStash is a personal, portable (in your pocket), WiFi storage access point.  It features the ability to extend the storage of any device that has wireless access by providing a pocket WPA2-secured access point with a basic media server accessible through your handheld/computer’s browser. The only limitation to the device is the amount of space it can hold at one time which is up to 32 gb; via a SD card that must be purchased separately.

This product has me itching to buy it because I am so obsessed with technology and the idea of having my own personal data field (yeah I figure that is the geek way of saying it 🙂 is too cool to say no to!

For Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch users this little unit will be your savior if you happen to have filled up the space on your handheld and you are itching for more (whether you need it or not!). Why? Well, not only does it offer unlimited storage extension (you could have a gaggle of 32 gb SD cards at hand and switch them out) to your handheld but it also comes configured with some exclusive functionality just for you! Here is the prose from the marketing material at AirStash.com: Continue reading