The Best Tools to Free Up Disk Space on Your Hard Drive

If there is one thing I cannot stand it is how quickly my Windows computers pile up with garbage files that eat away at computer performance. In fact, I dare say I am a bit of a fanatic about how fast my computer runs – it must be speedy!! As a result, I have wound my way through a number of crappy programs over the years to find these few nuggets that really save me from pulling out my remaining hair. I expect over time this list will grow but here are a few tried and true programs I have used.

I feel it is important to note that here and there I have used affiliate links when linking to programs I recommend. This does not take away from the fact that I do 100% recommend each program; I simply figure I needed to link to the products anyway so why not make a dollar or two?

Favourite #1: WinDirStat (Free)

WinDirStat is a small program that, when run, will read all of the files on whatever drive you select and then provide you with a number of ways to find files that are taking loads of space on your hard drive. Continue reading

Best Price Qi Charger for Nexus 4

An image of a cheap Qi charger for the Nexus 4I got my Nexus 4 the other day and I am totally fascinated with the idea of a wireless charging station which is why it irritated the hell out of me to see the pricing of such technology; $50 and up because of the demand. Well, I came across a beauty of a deal on today! Just $33 with shipping included for a Qi-certified wireless power pad for the Nexus 4It is available on Feb 15th but you can pre-order it now. I did!

Additionally, here are some other non-standard (i.e. not like the most commonly referenced  Duracell Qi Inductive Charger) Qi-charging products I found while doing my research. Continue reading

Microsoft Office Costs 25% More in Canada to Download

There are few things I despise more than getting cheated out of my hard earned money just because I am in Canada instead. This is especially true when there appears to be no reason other than greed!

Is Microsoft Price Gouging Canadians? My Experience Says Yes!

A screenshot I took of Microsoft Office 2010 shown at what turned out to be the USA price of $279.99I needed to get another copy of Office 2010 Home and Business for one of my staff. So, I went to Google and searched for the Office 2010 purchase & download site. I went there and found Office Home and Business 2010 for sale for a reasonable $279.99. When I clicked “Buy Now” I was taken to a page where… much to my surprise and annoyance the price increased to $349.99 !! What the hell??

For a while I just kept trying to find some reason why it increased in price and I didn’t figure it out until I looked at the two URLs of the websites:

  1. The address for page 1 (the MS Office order page):
  2. The address for page 2 (the shopping cart):

Continue reading

My PixelQi Notion Ink Delayed – But No Hard Feelings

I received an email today that my Notion Ink Adam is delayed. I am definitely dismayed but I can’t fault chance and I appreciate the effort Notion Ink’s team is putting into getting the product to me soon. I am genuinely looking forward to having a unique and ground breaking tablet.

Dear Ross

Greetings from Notion Ink!

We understand that you have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of your Adam. However, we regret to inform you that a fraction of our touch-screens got damaged during transportation due to which your shipment has been effected.

The Chinese New Year holidays that are in the first week of February further add to the delay. However, our touchscreen partner, Sintek, have agreed to work through the holidays and deliver the screens as soon as possible. We are afraid that until we receive these touchscreens, your device would not be ready for shipment.

The estimated date of your shipment would be 14th February 2011 (Buffer included).

In case you need any further assistance, please contact the Notion Ink Support Team at [email protected].

We thank you for your continued patience and co-operation in this matter.

Warm Regards
Notion Ink Support Team

If you don’t know much or perhaps anything about the Adam Tablet you can’t be faulted… it is definitely not a big name brand yet. Here is a review of the Notion Ink Adam from Slash Gear that is bound to give you some understanding of how cool this product is.

Where is the Improved Gmail Task Manager?

As a Gmail power user I have been waiting for what seems eons for the gang over at Google to implement a comprehensive task management application. Well today they got me excited… for a minute. It turns out Google made some worthwhile changes today to Gmail and since my day had been pretty phenomenal so far I figured this was it! Had Google finally launched a better task app?” Well no, they didn’t. So it seems I just have to hold my breath longer since Dr. Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google) told me improvements for the task manager were on the desk of a few Googlers that he knew of; yes I am a trusting soul. Sigh… more waiting.

What would an improved Gmail task manager look like?

With all of the innovative minds over there at the multiple Google HQ’s I think they could put a very cool and unique spin on task management. Continue reading