Tracking Brain Functions During Video Games

a picture of the brain's right hemisphere during tests that Dr. Phillip Zeman conductedMy friend Dr. Phillip Zeman has been conducting some pretty amazing research over the past 7 years tracking how the brain functions during 3d video games. Seems kind of useless if you think of it in that way (at least to a layman) but then consider that he is taking it to the next step by then seeing how pharmaceuticals effect spatial interpretation. Very cool stuff.

Here is a video from a recent news interview with Phil:

For more information check out his website

Underwater Videos from Maui – Part 1

Ahihi Kinau was second only to Honolua Bay for breathtaking sea life and in this video I captured one of many incredible moments when I was literally surrounded by gorgeous tropical fish like the Jackfish shown here.

I was alone snorkeling for about 2 hours and it was perfect! During the time I saw this gorgeous great Green Sea Turtle come out of the turquoise and gracefully circle me as it searched the coral formations for food. Absolutely breathtaking!

More on the way! I have a lot to upload although not so many that are very worthy of attention 🙂

Hilarious – Mother Lover by SNL – with Justin Timberlake

This is not safe for work but it is friggin hilarious especially if you like the Dick in a Box video; which I put below as well 🙂

Mother Lover – Part 2 of the Dick in a Box boys (Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg)

Dick in a Box – Part 1 – The clip that made these two characters popular. Again with Justin Timberlake and Andy Sandberg