Zander’s 2 Week Update – August 18 2009

I was away in San Jose for a week and forgot to add my Weekly Mention so here is a double-up!

  1. Zander clearly said “Daddy” over a week ago – as though he said it all of the time. Awesome! Unfortunately, he hasn’t said it again since.
  2. The little guy has taken to bending over in the bathtub and drinking water! Pretty cute if a little nasty.
  3. I also noticed that as of late he is no longer just standing in the bathtub – he actually likes to sit and play. Finally! It was always a bit nerve-wracking having him standing all of the time.
  4. Poor little guy chipped his front tooth the other day but he was just stunned for a second and moved on 🙂
  5. The little devil can now reach the top of many of our shelves – only barely but close enough to get stuff we didn’t think he could get at.
  6. Zander has learned, to our great displeasure, that he can pull down the gate next to our stereo stand that, until now, has protected all of our DVDs and CDs from his insatiable curiousity.
  7. He is showing more and more that he likes to test our boundaries after we say “NO”. Before he would stop nearly immediately,,, not so much now 😉
  8. Today I noticed he can actually touch our door knobs now and I can tell he is eagerly waiting to be able to use them – eek! Time for more child-proofing!

Zander’s Weekly Mentions – August 1st 2009

This week was yet another awesome Zander week. Unfortunately I did a poor job of writing down everything that was worthy of mentioning so I am hoping I didn’t miss much below:

  1. Sara and I both saw Zander walk up the three stairs to the upper section of the house without crawling once… a huge “step” 😉
  2. Zander got into “Daddy’s” leather chair in the tv-room and just sat there – looking very pleased with himself. No pictures were taken, unfortunately.
  3. Zander walked a long way into Comox Lake by himself – all of the way to his underarms… then he realized he got in over his head (figuratively) and began to doggy-paddle but in a panicky way. Daddy was there to help him back to shore. He had a great time at the lake!
  4. I saw Zander reach for the doorknob in his bedroom this week. Trouble trouble this way comes. 😉

For now, that is all I can remember for this week. Cheers, Ross

Zander’s Weekly Mentions – July 25th 2009

Sara and I witnessed some cool growth with Zander this week. Here are a few things that he did for the first time:

  1. When Zander got tired in the morning and we asked him if he was ready for a nap he actually walked into his bedroom on the other side of the house – a definite first. The beauty of this was that he barely put up a fuss being put to bed – LOVE IT!
  2. When I was getting Zander ready to leave for his Sitter’s place I said okay let’s go and he walked to the baby gate blocking the stairwell and tried to lift the lock so we could go. Not only that but I swear I heard him say “come on.” Which is a term I use often and probably around that very spot. He doesn’t speak legibly very often so it was a nice surprise. Such a smart little guy!
  3. When he got hungry I saw him go to his high-chair and try to pull himself in.
  4. He has taken to playing with a large bouncing ball that was given to him on his birthday. He just loves to see how it rolls off furniture and he gets excited when I make it bounce high off the ground. It is awesome because he keeps himself distracted even during our dinner time when he tends to be very needy and wants what we are eating – a nice break indeed!

That’s it for this week. I am going to make this a weekly diary of Zander’s exciting growth. Tune in next week for Zander’s Weekly Mentions 🙂

Zander – My little Comedian

Zander couldn’t get back to sleep this morning when he woke up at 4:30 am so he was in interesting spirits. In fact, he turned into a little comedian; as you can see. I had a great laugh when I found him sitting with his overalls completely over his head, his body swaying gently. Laughing hard, i pulled them up to see his grinning face at which point he promptly pulled them over his head again. What ensued was a hilarious game of peek-a-boo, from which I got these few photos… he hehe awesome!

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