Congratulations Jason & Nyssa – What a Wonderful Wedding!

Congratulations to the new Jason and Nyssa Evans!Well the weekend getaway at Pacific Sands Resort went off without a hitch. There was some concern when the weather was a bit dodgy on Friday but I am sure it would have done nothing to sway Jason and Nyssa’s thirst for adventure. After all, they wanted a wedding that reflected their west coast passions… what better than a Tofino downpour! Although perhaps the white wedding dress might have proved more revealing than desired 😉

Anyway, the accommodations may have been luxurious (this was our sexy villa) and the drive a bit pressing on the arse but the wedding was well worth it. Jason was dashing and Nyssa was ever the princess on this fine day at Cox Point in Tofino.

When the opportunity was afforded me I never found the voice to say much in the way of words about my long time friend Jason and I imagine I will regret that for a time. That said, if there is one thing worth saying it is that there is no question of his deep love for Nyssa. Ever since he met her he has been by her side, be it in Victoria, Vancouver or even Montreal. And moving to Montreal is saying a lot; I was in french class with Jay and know first hand that his french is merde!

In short I would like to wish my old friend and his gorgeous bride a wonderful Hawaiian honeymoon and a long and happy life filled with joyful anniversaries, lampoon vacations, stinky diapers and many well-basted shish kabobs.

Sara and I both look forward to hanging out with you soon. Here are the few pictures I got of your wedding if you want to see them… although it appears you will have a couple thousand to wade through. That was a ton of photos your photographer took for you… kudos on the deal.