Dell Support Provider’s Acronym is “SOL” – No Really!

I am having some difficulties with my audio on my Dell m1330. As a result, I decided to look into my support options since I haven’t been able to resolve the issue. That is when I came across something so priceless I just had to share it; the service provider handling Dell’s rapid response hardware support is “SOL“.

pic showing Dell's rapid response depot provider is called "SOL"

To be clear, my support from Dell has been fairly good over the last couple of years but I have DEFINITELY had my share of problems in the past.

If I were Dell and received a bid for support from a company with the acronym “SOL” these are a few thoughts that would have crossed my mind…

a girl and horse screaming at each other

a husky with a funny look and the caption "no seriously... WTF is this shit?"

A pic of a piece of paper with "Seriously?" written on it

A pic of the Joker giving a "you can't be serious" face

double face-palm