Firefox 2.0 Beta Released Woohoo!

Okay, it is just sick how excited I am about the latest release of Firefox 2.0! It may only be in Beta stage but the final version is scheduled for the end of October.

What the hell are you talking about Ross??
Heh, good question and an important indicator that we need to talk 😛

Firefox is a web browser replacement for crap like Internet Explorer. It is very simple to use for those who just want the basics but it has many many more advanced capabilities that can be called on at any time. Finally it is entirely free and it is far less susceptible to violent net bugs because it isn’t targeted as much as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is.

Anyway, as I am sure you can gather, I highly recommend installing Firefox and giving it a try. Don’t start with the 2.0 until it is out of Beta but start with the more stable version of Firefox (currently 1.5) because it is truly a wonder to behold.