An Easy Way to Give to What Matters to You

It is rare to find a charitable organization where 100% of your donations is guaranteed to go to the charities. appears to be one of those organizations.

Here is a link to’s “About Page” where this incredible company is well described. In addition, here are some inspirational success stories from

Normally I am simply not a person who promotes this kind of thing… I guess I am just too busy and a bit suspicious of large charities. I am normally more interested in local charities like the Mustard Seed. This one, however, really inspires me and I felt it was important to share. Here are some recent projects that were completed thanks to the generosity of users:

Most Recent Fundraising Projects

What I find really different about this project is that if I wanted to I could create my own project to raise funds for a charity of my choice. Lets say, for example, I felt particularly interested in raising money for Multiple Sclerosis. I could simply create my own project and then (after approving the project) would handle all of the logistics of handling the money, charity receipts, and making certain the funds got to the appropriate charity. So in a sense, acts as a charity administrator thus allowing me to focus on the more important aspects of fundraising – promotion! But it doesn’t stop there! even provides excellent tools to help you get the word out – all free of charge.

Check it out and tell me what you think… personally I think it is an awesome concept. Heh, probably one that has been around and I didn’t even know about it. Well call me enlightened now 😉