Halloween 2006 Was a Blast!

I got screwed this Halloween. Yes it appeared to hurt quite a bit 😉

Despite my glass and bolt injuries I had a ton of fun this Halloween. For the first time ever I decided to be a friendly neighbor and rig the house for trick or treaters; as a result I had about 50 kids… it was nuts. I actually went through 4 boxes/bags of candy that Sara and I bought the other day.

Anyway, the best part was indeed the reactions to my faux woundings. Heehee, the kids were hilarious with their “whoa” or “do you need an ambulance” or “is that real blood?” LOL I just had sooo much fun. The parents were equally amazed and some of them smiled up a storm when they saw the work I went to.

After the candy was exhausted Sara had just gotten home from a long day at work so we decided to take a walk down the street to the Halloween party. After enjoying Johnny Valence (an impersonator) on stage and a free hotdog we headed home and watched the remake of The Omen. Not a half bad movie IMHO. Actually the cinematography was breathtaking.

So there you have it, I got screwed and despite how it looks it was fun 😉

I hope you had an equally fun time.

Cheers, Rossco