Minority Report User Interface is a Reality BUT.

For all those who have been waiting for a world where Minority Report-like user interface computing is a reality might find the idea of gesture-based TV operation quite a step forward. You might even be amazed that a computer operating system has been developed that closely mirrors the Minority Report UI.

First, however, here is a clip from Minority Report showing the tech that so many long for:

So now that you know what so many dream of… here are a couple examples of this gesture-based user interface in action – one of which may be coming to a home near you soon!

1) TV Remotes Replaced with Gesture-Based Instruction
In this video the first segment shows a TV that promises some a pretty cool gesture-based UI:

I hope we can program some custom gestures because I have a wonderful one fingered gesture for commercial fast-forward/skip. 😉

2) G-Speak Looks an Awful Lot Like Version 1.0 of the Minority Report OS

And last but not least…

3) A Portable System Unveiled at TED 2009

And now the BUT
Unfortunately, with the exception of that TV that appears to be close to consumer release most of this technology is nowhere near ready for prime time. There is technology available or almost available such as multi-touch systems like the iphone and the pending 2010 onslaught of net tablets (although not all of these will be multi-touch) which is all very cool and quite affordable. That said, the closest system available now is the Microsoft Surface which is far from consumer priced ($10,000 USD last I heard) and is as bulky as all hell.

What are your thoughts? Do you think gesture-based UIs are going to be mass adopted within the next 5 years, 10 years, or ever?