Nokia N800 Compatible Bluetooth Headsets

Nokia N800 user photosSo I have been trying in vain to get a straight answer on this… what bluetooth headset(s) will work with the N800 now that the product supposedly supports this option with the OS2008 upgrade.

Well, I couldn’t get a straight answer online so I went to the source and contacted Nokia Canada and here is the answer I got… now I wonder if anyone has any experience that might contradict it… if so let me know PLEASE.

Nokia Canada said that any V2.0 Bluetooth headset with HSP should work with the N800 after OS2008 has been installed.

Of course they stressed that the Nokia brand headsets are more likely to work. Unfortunately Nokia headsets are not sold in very many places… not sure why but possibly due to price or quality??

There you are, finally a clear answer from Nokia!