Oh Yeah Baby XBOX 360 Flight Stick & Throttle

Many will not understand my excitement but I am very pumped to see that a bundle of a wicked flight stick and throttle for Ace Combat 6: Fires of LIberation is now available.

The Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Joystick Bundle

Kelly McGillis and Tom CruiseIt costs too much to put on my Christmas list but you bet I am going to get it 🙂 I mean come on, I am a devout hedonist and the closer I can get to simulating air combat… the more pleasure the gaming provides.

Yee haw! Just call me Maverick 😉 Hmm I guess I will have to get in costume and dress Sara up like Kelly McGillis. ROFL I don’t think that part would go over well haha.

A picture of the Hori Ace Combat stick