Read: Tech blog titan Michael Arrington’s next big thing: Hardware

Arrington appears to be on the verge of entering the computer hardware business, promising big news this month about a product he has been developing with reader input called the “CrunchPad,” a touch-screen tablet designed for web surfing, video chat and light email use.

OMG it feels like Christmas! Michael Arrington must have felt the powerful desire from geekdom for him to create the Crunchpad.

Concept of the Crunchpad by Michael ArringtonWhen Arrington first revealed the prototypes last year he didn’t really think it would go to mass production… I think it was just a very cool exploration for him – at least that is what I gathered. It was like a tease of the worst kind for me because the Crunchpad was so close to what I have always wanted for casual Internet use (perfect would be flexible and could roll-up – which shouldn’t be far off).

Want to see what the Crunchpad looks like? Check out

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