Speed Up Your Computer for Free with EasyCleaner

I download lots of junk and install it and then delete it and after a while my computer is running as slow as molasses. Then the programs I do not delete end up slowing down the startup on my computer… nothing I hate more than a snail-pace startup… especially when I can remember how lightening fast the computer originally was.

Anyway, enough gabbing. I found a program that I highly recommend called EasyCleaner and it is totally free of charge – no strings. EasyCleaner is easy to use and does a number of cool things like the following (I took from the home site):

  • Finds invalid registry entries —-> deleting them speeds up your computer!
  • Finds duplicate files —-> deleting them will free disk space!
  • Finds all unnecessary files like backups, temps etc. —-> deleting them will free disk space!
  • Finds all invalid shortcuts —-> deleting them will free disk space and increase usability!
  • Manage programs starting at Windows startup! —-> who knows, you might even catch a virus before it gets serious!
  • Manage Windows add/remove software listing!
  • Easily remove Internet Explorer’s temporary Internet files, history and cookies!
  • Very user friendly!
  • Shows some interesting info about your disk space usage.
  • Very customizable.
  • Multi-language support!
  • Uses only little amount of recources while running!
  • Huge help file which gives you every little detail about EasyCleaner!
  • And much more…

Sounds hypish, I know but I can honestly say my experience with this program has been excellent – so give it a shot if you find your computer is running at a snails pace. Just be sure to set a system restore point on your Windows XP system before you run the registry cleaner (this way any mistakes can be repaired easily). Here is a link to a simple tutorial on how to create a Windows restore point.

Finally here is a link to download EasyCleaner. Just remember please, I am not here to provide tech support… do not download this unless you are willing to take the leap and learn a new program. It is a very simple program but I felt I should say that 😀