Applying the Cyanogen Rogers 911 Fix on a HTC Dream

I am sorry if the following notes Greek to you, but if it is then you should probably get a bit more acquainted with the Android updating tutorials at the XDA Developers Forum. After all, you don’t want to brick your phone – not a pleasant situation I would imagine (knock on wood!)

The Cyanogen LogoSo tonight I followed the instructions to update my HTC Dream’s radio in order to bypass having to install Roger’s extremely annoying 911 update. The ultimate goal is to get data functionality back on my phone and since everything worked perfectly I can now confirm I have the right radio version – no problem at all.

Here is the tutorial I used: Updating Rogers Dream Radio

The rest of these notes are based entirely on that tutorial which worked like a dream (pun intended). Also, you may wonder why the heck I published this… the fact is I don’t always recall all of my previous steps and this seems like a great way to post something like a journal entry for myself later while also showing (anyone interested) how my process went. Oh, and if you want to jump to the one little piece of help I provide in this post, just jump to the content in red.

Part 1- Prerequisites Continue reading

How to Get Data Back on Your Rogers HTC Dream – 911 Fix Workaround

The Official Seal of Awesomeness! - Note: I found this on a forum, I do not know who originally created this.If you HAVE NOT applied the Rogers HTC Dream update fix yet then you are in luck! Thanks to Cyanogen there is a work-around that will allow you to get your data back online without you having to apply the root-locking crap that Rogers is forcing you to use.

What is the 911 fix work-around? You have to update your radio to the version that Rogers is looking for and then you will have your data back after Rogers sees you have “complied” with their fascist tactics.  Here are the instructions for the Rogers HTC Dream Radio Upgrade on Cyanogen’s website.

If you HAVE applied the Rogers update fix and you want root access again… you should follow this thread within the XDA-Developers forum where they are currently working on how to get root back again – it is proving a lot harder than expected but these guys are VERY bright so I expect they will get it rooted soon.

A Little Background on How Roger’s Screwed Their HTC Dream Users
On January 24th, 2010 Rogers shafted all HTC Dream & Magic owners by turning off the data connection for all HTC Dreams & Magics until the owners’ had complied with an upgrade request from Rogers; an unprecedented, entirely inexcusable decision. Continue reading