How to Watch Hulu from Canada

So I am a huge Hulu fan. Ever since I experienced this free TV service in the States I have been unreasonably jealous of my American brethren. I am also hurt that Hulu shirked its polite neighbor nation 😉 (I mock, since I know it is actually just stupid copyright laws getting in the way).

UPDATE, July 2011: I was contacted by Nick from and it seems he has a solution since this one I documented below no longer works. He does charge for the service but it is seriously cheap ($22 for 4 months last I looked). Check it out! If you are not wanting to spend a penny, I understand, you may find an answer or two in the comments. Cheers! Ross

<Sorry, I have been informed the following strategy no longer works unless you purchase Identity Cloaker>

Anyways, I found out from a great article that if you use Identity Cloaker’s Secure Shell program (that comes with the paid service) you can get access to Hulu without any problem at all. VERY cool. I figure this can come as great news to anyone who wants to drop cable in favor of online TV with fewer commercials. Continue reading