News for BC from Real Journalists

Are you as sick as I am with the crap on the news these days? Perhaps you haven’t even thought to think of the issue? After all, we are all pretty overwhelmed with our busy lives on a daily basis and the morning/evening news has become more background noise than anything. Well, let me point you to the path of enlightenment because I was in the same place you were until I started reading the blogs of a few respected independent journalists.

Who are these REAL journalists?

After reading just a few articles from these journalists, I felt a bit more clarity than I did before. It was like a shroud of fog parted long enough for me to remember what real reporting was; unbiased, fearless, and genuinely intelligent. I honestly can’t recall how long it has been since quality reporting was the norm on TV but I must have seen it at some point to feel the way I did. Anyway, I can tell you now that I am going to try to find even more journalists with the same ethical reporting skills as these gentlemen and I look forward to broadening my critical thinking skills and knowledge of issues I am so used to hearing just one side of on TV. Will you do the same? I honestly believe we are collectively getting dumber by watching the repetitive garbage on our local TV newscasts. Really! Who needs to see THAT much “news” about the weather and is it just me or does the news seem painfully biased and lame?

Perhaps you know of some great BC journalist blogs which you can share? Please feel free to add a comment and I will be sure to post the results.