Absolute Color Picker – Ross’s Must Have Tools

Absolute Color Picker is a huge time saver for anyone who occasionally needs to alter the hexadecimal color of a style on a stylesheet or on a web page; at least for those not nerdy enough to have memorized them 😉 Until I found this application I had to open Dreamweaver or Adobe Fireworks to pick a color.

Absolute Color PickerAbsolute Color Picker is incredibly fast to download, takes virtually no space on your hard drive and runs quickly. An even cooler benefit… you can select a color anywhere on your desktop to get the hex of the color as well as other useful stats.

Here is what you can do with Absolute Color Picker:

Select colors and grab them!

Select any color you like from any of the tabs available. Every tab emphasizes a certain aspect of a color selection. You can choose any color by relying on hues combination, color palettes or color saturation/brightness availability.

Convert colors into hexadecimal code.

Color Picker will immediately convert any color you choose into HTML-based hexadecimal representation.

Generate color schemes.

With Color Picker you will be able to not only generate any color scheme you like, but also manage default color schemes and the ones you have created yourself. Moreover, Color Picker has a very useful Eye Dropper feature. If you click the eye-dropper and while holding down the mouse button move cursor to any point of the screen, you will get the color of this point.

Check out the Absolute Color Picker – its 100% free. Note that I am totally unconnected with it. I do not get paid for this, and I am not an affiliate. This is just me raving about a cool product that has definitely saved me time and money!