Port Forwarding Setup on the D-Link DVG-1120M for XBOX 360

An image of the "Your NAT type is Moderate" - XBOX 360  Connection Warning

This instructional is for anyone who has a D-Link DVG-1120M VOIP Gateway and you found XBOX Live speeds to be painfully slow and/or you got the “Your NAT type is Moderate… etc.” (see the image below) warning message from your XBOX 360 Network test then you need to follow these instructions to forward the proper ports to your XBOX360.

Instructions for Fixing the NAT Error on the XBOX 360 (for the D-Link DVG-1120M)

NOTE: If you already have your XBOX setup with a static IP address then you can skip to #3.

  1. Find the MAC Address for your 360 and write it down, you will need it.How to find the MAC address on an XBOX 360

    i) Navigate to the “System” section of the XBOX Dashboard
    ii) Select “Network Settings” (HERE: Write down the IP address for your 360 if you want to use the same one)
    iii) Select “Edit Settings”
    iv) Select “Additional Settings”
    v) Select “Advanced Settings”: the XBOX MAC Address will be listed near the bottom of the page where it says “Wired MAC Address”
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