Where is the Improved Gmail Task Manager?

As a Gmail power user I have been waiting for what seems eons for the gang over at Google to implement a comprehensive task management application. Well today they got me excited… for a minute. It turns out Google made some worthwhile changes today to Gmail and since my day had been pretty phenomenal so far I figured this was it! Had Google finally launched a better task app?” Well no, they didn’t. So it seems I just have to hold my breath longer since Dr. Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google) told me improvements for the task manager were on the desk of a few Googlers that he knew of; yes I am a trusting soul. Sigh… more waiting.

What would an improved Gmail task manager look like?

With all of the innovative minds over there at the multiple Google HQ’s I think they could put a very cool and unique spin on task management. Continue reading