Catching a Chinook Salmon on May 6, 2010 – with Beasley’s Fishing Charters

From left, Bob Forrester, Mark Dunn, Tom Dunn, Ross DunnOn May 6th, 2010, I joined my brother Mark, my dad Tom, and our family friend Bob Forrester on a guided fishing adventure with Beasley’s Fishing Charters based out of Victoria, BC, Canada.

The trip began with some Halibut fishing but we didn’t have the patience (which you need for Halibut in this area) and so we headed off to do some salmon fishing which Darren Beasley (our guide and the owner of the charting business) really excelled at; just 3 weeks before he helped us catch our limit of salmon in just 40 min! (that is 2 salmon per person!).

Once we got to the fishing spot, it took some time, perhaps 30 min before the first and largest salmon was caught by my brother. Soon after, we lost one, my dad caught one  and then not long after, Bob had one on and was reeling it in when my rod came to life and it was time for the battle you see below.
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