Technology is Really Friggin Spooky Sometimes

Controlling remote vehicles using virtual reality.Okay, I am a total gadget freak… I cannot deny it. I absolutely LOVE technology and *most* of what it has provided. Why *most*? Well, the obvious issues I have with technology stem from major issues like Nukes and polluting materials like overused plastic, etc. That said, there is a whole other type of technology that admittedly gets me pretty amped but more often than not causes the hair on the back of my neck to rise to attention; military technology.

Now obviously military technology is a necessary evil in some cases, after all it can help save lives by putting less allied lives in the line of fire (i.e. drones, laser guided missiles, etc.).  But this, well this article from Wired magazine takes it all to a whole new level; robotic ants overwhelming enemies, poisonous or explosive wasps, precision accurate insect explosives… eeeek!

Anyway, check out this article from Wired (“Military Builds Robotic Insects“) and see if it gave you the same queasy feeling it gave me… man I would hate to be the bad guy… I just wish I always saw a clear delineation of what being the “bad guy” was.