Twitter Updates for 2008-01-23

  • Holly hell this is a funny article "Top 10 Reasons to Believe Logic Over Religion" #
  • I really enjoyed this article on the usefulness of Twitter by Darren Rowse #
  • I watched Juno last night… now that is an exceptional movie. Mostly hilarious but moving at the same time… very very good. #
  • Juno had my pregnant wife in tears… definitely very sentimental at parts. #
  • Is social networking serving to romanticize SUICIDE? BBC trys to pin the tail on the social media donkey #
  • @leeodden Oh I feeel for ya. #
  • @jowyang I have the n800 with OS2008 and I am thoroughly happy with it. Great device. Not much different than the 810 minus keyboard & gps #

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