Wish List

Here is my list of the latest bits, books, dvds, and gadgets that I hope to buy someday… hopefully soon 😉 It is also the place I send my family when they want ideas for me for Christmas or for my birthday. Last updated Nov 24, 2015

Under $50

  • SilverAir athletic socks (yes, socks): $19.99 USD
  • Access to all of the episodes of Con Man shown here on Vimeo for $20.99 (CDN)
  • Op/Tech Utility Camera Strap Sling $35.99 (Best Buy.ca)
  • The Camera Strap Buddy ($15) which converts my normally uncomfortable camera strap into nirvana.
  • eBay gift cards (VERY awesome due to its flexibility and you can even send them by email!)
  • Best Buy Canada gift certificates are always great because they can be combined to get larger ticket items.
  • Gift certificates for Winners/Marshalls (Canada)
  • Moores gift certificates to buy clothing
  • MUSIC: Google Play gift card I can use to purchase music
  • My Chapters.ca wishlist
  • My Amazon.ca wishlist – unfortunately not everything is available at Chapters Canada but it may be that by the time you read this some of these are available at chapters.ca – so best to double-check (it tends to be cheaper)


Crazy Cool Expensive Stuff

The following expensive stuff I added just to help me keep track of my future (dream) purchases (LOL).
You know… the mind not being what it used to be…

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