Zander’s Weekly Mentions – August 1st 2009

This week was yet another awesome Zander week. Unfortunately I did a poor job of writing down everything that was worthy of mentioning so I am hoping I didn’t miss much below:

  1. Sara and I both saw Zander walk up the three stairs to the upper section of the house without crawling once… a huge “step” 😉
  2. Zander got into “Daddy’s” leather chair in the tv-room and just sat there – looking very pleased with himself. No pictures were taken, unfortunately.
  3. Zander walked a long way into Comox Lake by himself – all of the way to his underarms… then he realized he got in over his head (figuratively) and began to doggy-paddle but in a panicky way. Daddy was there to help him back to shore. He had a great time at the lake!
  4. I saw Zander reach for the doorknob in his bedroom this week. Trouble trouble this way comes. 😉

For now, that is all I can remember for this week. Cheers, Ross