Zander’s Weekly Mentions – July 25th 2009

Sara and I witnessed some cool growth with Zander this week. Here are a few things that he did for the first time:

  1. When Zander got tired in the morning and we asked him if he was ready for a nap he actually walked into his bedroom on the other side of the house – a definite first. The beauty of this was that he barely put up a fuss being put to bed – LOVE IT!
  2. When I was getting Zander ready to leave for his Sitter’s place I said okay let’s go and he walked to the baby gate blocking the stairwell and tried to lift the lock so we could go. Not only that but I swear I heard him say “come on.” Which is a term I use often and probably around that very spot. He doesn’t speak legibly very often so it was a nice surprise. Such a smart little guy!
  3. When he got hungry I saw him go to his high-chair and try to pull himself in.
  4. He has taken to playing with a large bouncing ball that was given to him on his birthday. He just loves to see how it rolls off furniture and he gets excited when I make it bounce high off the ground. It is awesome because he keeps himself distracted even during our dinner time when he tends to be very needy and wants what we are eating – a nice break indeed!

That’s it for this week. I am going to make this a weekly diary of Zander’s exciting growth. Tune in next week for Zander’s Weekly Mentions 🙂